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 Let’s TREND tonight! Welcome to Palestine 3 Mission
Dear tweeps,
The Welcome to Palestine Mission 3 will start its activities in Palestine (the West Bank) tomorrow, Sunday. In case the activists will be denied access to West Bank (as might actually happen), they will have extensive visits to the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.

In this respect, these are few themes to tweet about on twitter:
1) the freedom of movement for Palestinian in/outside the occupied west bank.
2) the right of Palestinian people to receive international visitors without any constraints  (even prisoners have the right to receive visitors).
3) One of the core objectives of welcome to Palestine mission is to assist schoolchildren to peruse their new schooling year.
4) the daily life of Palestinian under the Israel system of injustice which suffocates their daily life.                    
5) in case the activists will be denied entering the west bank (as might actually happen), they will conduct intensive visit to the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Therefore, we need to underpin the issue of the Palestinian refugees in our twitter campaign.

For more details, check this the campaign’s website: (English & Arabic)
(Needed information:
Timing: 10 pm Palestine time.  (3 P.M. EST)

Trending Palestine Team
Welcome to Palestine 3 Mission
Yesterday’s post about the arrivals …

 Welcome to Palestine: Delegates arrive in Amman

The delegates of the International Welcome to Palestine Mission began arriving in Amman, Jordan today. The activists are arriving from several European countries and North America.
More than a hundred activists, aged 9 to 82 years, are participating in the Welcome to Palestine International Mission. The volunteers are determined to arrive to the West Bank (Occupied Palestinian Territories) through Allenby Bridge – which connects Jordan and the West Bank – to reach their final destination in Bethlehem.
The Welcome to Palestine Mission emphasizes the importance of the right of passage to and the right of movement within Palestine and to express solidarity with the Palestinian schoolchildren as they are set to begin the new school year.
Meanwhile, our friends are getting acquainted with Jordan, a country with a large number of Palestinian refugees driven from their homes by Israel since 1948.
Welcome to Palestine Mission
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Tweet your messages of support.
My personal message to the activists:

#Airflotilla3 / A Message of Support from Occupied Jerusalem to Welcome to

Palestine Mission

Humanitarian Israelis welcome the initiatives of the activists planning to come to the Occupied West Bank (Palestine). Only by constant struggle against the Israeli government will all of Palestine be free one day. On that day, Israelis will also become free of being the occupiers. 
International Solidarity helped to destroy the apartheid system in South Africa … it will certainly help in Israel/Palestine as well.
The best way to open the doors to Democracy and Freedom in Palestine is to get your own governments to recognise the evils of Apartheid. The West Bank MUST be liberated from the evil yoke of zionism.
Thanks to all of you for doing your part.
Shalom-Saalam to all the participants.
Steve Amsel, Occupied Jerusalem

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