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The Guardian Under Fire Let's All Make It Hotter For Them!

PSC Update: Guardian under fire 
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News In Brief

The EU makes representations against settlement expansion in East Jerusalem, failing to recognise that their recent upgrade of relations with Israel makes their protests futile and hollow.
For the first time the US has listed attacks by Israelis on Palestinians as terrorist attacksfollowing two terrible incidents over the last few days: the fire bombing of a family in a taxi, and a lynching of young Palestinians in Jerusalem.
Palestinians from Gaza write to the EU do not reward Apartheid 
Following a campaign, Israel will NOT be represented at the first International Culture Summit in Edinburgh 
The United Church of Canada has voted to boycott settlement produce>>

Guardian under fire 
The Guardian's newest columnist, Joshua Trevino, tweeted last year that he would be ‘cool’ if Israel’s armed forces shot dead US civilians if they attempted to sail to Gaza on Freedom Flotilla II. US civilians preparing to sail on the flotilla included a Holocaust survivor and the Pulitzer-prize winning author, Alice Walker.
PSC’s letter expressing outrage at the appointment of Trevino to the Guardian’s editorial team was printed in Guardian online on Sunday (19/8). The letter was signed by 26 heads of organisations, parliamentary representatives, academics and actors.
Read the full, extraordinary story of how the Guardian hired Trevino>>
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Abu Bakr Rauf Scholarship Fund 
Bradford PSC supporters are doing a sponsored walk to raise funds for the newly established Abu Bakr Rauf Scholarship Fund, which will support Higher Education students in Gaza.  Please support the walk by joining in or sponsoring. 
 Abu Bkr
Support Palestinian Prisoners 
Palestinian prisoners
Ufree, the prisoner rights’ organisation, are urging supporters to campaign on behalf of two Palestinian atheletes, Omar Abu Rouis and Mohammed Nemer>>
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