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Window into Palestine aspires to peace in the Middle East and the world. We have provided this place as a place to raise awareness about what is happening in Palestine & Israel. We are sick of of Governments, Media and anything else that stands in the way of a Free Palestine and the will of the Palestinian People and especially Peace in Palestine and Israel. Window into Palestine does this by providing a place where people can learn and also we engage in many sites on - line through news and information with a special focus on peace, freedom, equality, and justice for all.

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We stand for justice, equality, truth, and we Do NOT stand for racism including but NOT limited to racism by color, ethnicity, cultural identity, sexual identity, or creed.
We aim to stand up for Palestinians and our fellow man worldwide. We encourage success for our readers, columnists, advertisers, affiliates, and partners who value Window into Palestine and stand up for equality, freedom, liberty, truth, and the pursuit of justice for all whilst standing up against oppression and racism always.

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