Wednesday, March 3

Palestinian Students Forced to Visit a Hollowcause Memorial in Amsterdam

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees were forcing Palestinian students from Gaza to visit a Hollowcause Memorial in Amsterdam.  When the students refused adamantly to do so, their teachers were threatend with being fired, and the students were forced to listen to a lecture about the Hollowcause!  So much for freedom of speech..

To hell with European democracy!  Sounds like Hollowcause fundamentalism to me...


Ibrahim Alloush




  1. Wassim Abdullah9:13 pm

    I cannot understand the fuss about this matter.

    What is wrong with visiting the Holocaust memorial? Atrocities were inflicted upon millions of people, Jews and non Jews. These atrocities were perpetrated by fascists in Europe. It is very informative for our Palestinian students and others to see what fascism has done and can still do. It is incomprehensible that we are so touchy about the Holocaust. We are not expected to condone Israeli occupation of Palestine because a large number of those killed in the various gas chambers are Jews.

    The one thing that everyone should learn from such museums is that such atrocities should never be repeated or allowed again. If some Zionists and some Israelis are doing this to the Palestinians, the Holocaust memorials should be used to justify OUR cause not theirs.


  2. Ibrahim Alloush1:12 pm

    The Hollowcause is a narrative (not a historical event) that is meant to justify, among other things, Jewish power and the rape of Palestine.

    Brave revisionist historians have suffered grievously to expose the myths of the Hollowcause.

    So it's crucial that we educate ourselves on what the Hollowcause is and what it implies for us. For one thing, it diminishes the suffering of Palestinians by default, the second one accepts the received version of that set of myths. For another, it makes the whole world guilty before anythign Jewish.

    Our Palestinian students took a brave stand by refusing to be coerced into that filthy cage of mental slavery the Western world is reeling from. The idea of forcing Palestinian children to pay hommage to the ideological symbols of the invaders of their land should be condemned without qualification by anyone who has a tithe of respect for children's rights, even if they don't embrace the Palestinian cause.

    For more on the lies of the Hollowcause, please do take the time to look up the link below:

    If you like read up some more on the subject, please look up my article: