Thursday, August 14

Palestine Has the Lowest Divorce Rate In The World

he world's lowest divorce rate, 10.82% was announced in Palestine on Tuesday in the biannual report of Palestine's Supreme Court.

Taysir At-Tamimi, a supreme judge and head of highest council of the legislative judiciary, issued the report on the first part of 2008. The report tracked the 67,196 legal cases that were brought before it in the first half of the year.

For the first part of 2008 the courts reported 15642 marriage contracts, of these 800 were repeats. Repeated marriages are counted when a widow remarries, or on rare occasions when Muslim men marry a second or third time. The court also recorded 1,693 cases of divorce.

The report thanked the department of family consultation and reconciliation for its commendable efforts in working through family problems before they end in divorce. In the first half of this year the department consulted on 2,239 cases of which 1,148 were reconciled, and 10,91 were transferred to the courts.

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